Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Word for 2010

For a few weeks now, people on the Quiltart list have been discussing words for 2010. The question asked was: What word would inspire you, drive you, excite and motivate you as an artist in the coming year.
Many responded with really good words; words with which I would agree: create, forward, joy, anti-procrastination (which I think we agreed was accomplishment or energy...), explore, stretch, play, ME!
My word for this year is

I wrote it on a piece of paper and stuck it to the wall just next to my (Quilting Arts) calendar and above my ancient radio/cd player. Since I cannot work on anything creative without music, I will be sure to see it every day. The reasons I chose this word are very personal, but mostly it's because last year, I found myself stymied and bogged down by obligations and responsibilities that were not of my own making. I didn't create as much as I wanted to, and even though I attended two retreats and a couple of classes, I feel like I didn't accomplish enough, art-wise. It was a frustrating year in many respects.

So--now it is 2010--a brand new year with fresh hope. While the same obligations and responsibilities still exist for me, I have decided that I shall grant myself a sort-of freedom from them. Certainly, I would not shirk my duties, but neither will I let them get in the way of what I want to do for myself. Just a different way of looking at them...not as barriers, but simply necessary chores which I will be happy to dispatch.

In this year, I will have freedom.

Freedom from fear, failure, doubt and self-pity.

Freedom to create, accomplish, enjoy and take joy in my art and my life.

A little perspective, maybe...


  1. I so agree with your word. I didn't choose one but if I did it would be Freedom! I too get way to caught up in non-commiting is my plan for 2010.

  2. I beleive that Freedom should be looked afer in every single day of our life