Friday, March 30, 2012

Colin's Leaves

My friend Colin lives in Chicago, and a while ago he  took a picture of three leaves on the hood of his purple car and posted it on Facebook.  Having a particular Fast Friday Fabric Challenge in mind, I asked if I could use his photo as inspiration for an art quilt.  The challenge called for making a quilt using high contrast, which the photo had.  He said OK!  I wanted to make the quilt shiny in some way to reflect the car surface, so I pondered on it for a while.  Months, really...

Recently--another friend of mine, Lynne, who is a seamstress, gave me a chunk of the most gorgeous purple raw silk...perfect for Colin's Leaves!   Then, while cleaning out my closet, I decided to retire an old blouse of mine as it was probably 10 years old and had frayed cuffs.  It's ivory silk--perfect for Colin's Leaves! So I took it apart and saved the pieces.  With these two fabrics, I got the feeling the universe was telling me to finally make the quilt! 

So I used the two silks and quilted the back ground with black and silver metallic threads.   The leaves were marked with a silver paint pen and quilted in silver as well. 
I like it.  It's the first pure art piece I've done in a while.   Thanks, Colin! 


  1. I love your piece. The shadows give a lovely dimension. How did you do them? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice, Toni ... and I'll agree with Linda S. (above) that the shadows are most striking. I love it.