Friday, May 1, 2009

My Prize and Go Red for Women

In looking over all my recent correspondence, I discovered that I neglected to post about the neat art quilt I won on Jeanne Turner McBrayer's blog:
She had a drawing a few weeks ago and I won! She sent me the coolest small quilt--it's called "Tropical Waters:, and it, indeed, reminds me of the Caribbean (I was there once...) With it she included an ATC and her calling card, embellished with yummy blue and purple fibers.
So, thank you VERY much, Jeanne, for holding a drawing. I am just thrilled with my prize! Also,please forgive my tardiness in thanking you publicly.

Well... I haven't been in my workroom in a few days, but I have a somewhat good excuse. I had a little chest pain episode Wednesday, and they put me in the hospital! What a fuss. I've had weird chest pains in the past, but this was different. Along with a pressure in my chest, I had pain in my jaw and I broke into a sweat. Not good.
So, since I was already driving on the freeway (!), I just passed my office exit and drove to the ER. There was a lot of fuss, questions, monitors, etc. as the pain just faded away. I felt fine once more, but they insisted I stay overnight for observation, and undergo some more tests in the morning. It was then that I thought I should have gone to work and forgot about it. But--everyone I spoke to insisted that I did the right thing.
Anyway, all the tests came out fine, and I found out I was in better shape than I thought! So, my heart is fine and I learned you can really never fool around when you have chest pains!
For more info on heart disease in women:
I think I'll get myself a red dress and send some cash to the AMA!
P.S. I had my husband take a picture of the curtain that was hanging in the ICU room when I was waiting to go up to the cardiac floor. It was two shades of spring green with really cool grey flowers on it. I'll post it when he emails it to me. It was a great color scheme for a quilt!


  1. Wow Toni, I'm glad you are okay.

  2. I'm Ggad that it turned out alright. You certainly had the classic symptoms for a woman's heart attack. I had a smiler incident a few years ago. I call it my faux heart attack. They made me stay overnight, too, and go back for a stress test, but everything was fine.

  3. Of course I meant to say "I'm glad", not I'm Ggad.

  4. That chest pain incident must have been so scary. Thank goodness you are Okay. A couple years ago my DH went to ER for a brief chest pain and found out he had a blood clot in his lungs. You never know. And, thanks for posting about your prize here and on the Quilt Art list. I Have been catching up on QA this morning after being away all weekend, and just saw your post.Glad you liked your prize!

  5. I'm glad that everything turned out fine for you. I had the same thing happen a few years ago. The ER doctors were puzzled, and they also kept me overnight. They never did figure out what was wrong, but then my regular doctor noticed my magnesium was completely depleted. She gave me prescription magnesium pills and now, whenever I have those weird chest pains, I know I'm running low on magnesium. You might ask your doctor about your lab results just to see if you were low on anything.