Sunday, June 14, 2009

Out of the kitchen and into the garden but not in the studio

The last few days have been consumed by the project of installing an hardwood floor in our circa 1939 kitchen. We bought the floorboards last week (they are pre-finished birch) , ripped out all the layers of tile and vinyl, and began laying the floor yesterday. It was tough for me due to my bad back (The Spine in the Form of a Question...Mark) but I was able to help a great deal. I even did all the cutting on our brand new miter saw. Power tools!
The whole story is on my other blog:
Today we started in again, but my poor body could just not keep up. So I was kicked out of the kitchen.

Since then I've been mostly sitting quietly, listening to the air compressor while Tom finishes the floor. I'm not even able to do anything in my studio! I did manage to take some pictures in the garden. The hostas are suddenly huge, and I caught them just after they were watered. I love the texture and the water drops. I'm sure these will end up in a new quilt somehow.

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  1. The floor is beautiful! So are the hostas. I hope your back improves soon.