Friday, June 5, 2009

The Red Shoes

Today, I watched one of my favorite movies: The Red Shoes, about a small ballet company in Monte Carlo. It was made in 1948 and almost every scene is a work of art! The set decoration and the costumes...fabulous. The direction is really dramatic, making for the best shots of the actors, all of which are super-stylish. I especially love the scenes in the Paris hotel room after Boris leaves Monte Carlo looking for his ballerina.
So, I did a weird thing, and took a picture of the scene on the TV. The paneled walls in in this room are painted China blue with gold moldings. All the room accents are also gilded. Then there are these huge purple drapes and rose-colored chairs. All in heavy velvet. Boris himself is wearing a red velvet smoking jacket, and at one point in the scene, he tears open the top button to reveal a gold satin lining. The whole movie is great eye-candy, as well as a great story. I need to make something in those colors. Or...take a trip to Monte Carlo right now!
Oh...I suppose I broke some copyright law by taking pictures of these images while they were transmitted to my TV set. If so, don't tell anyone, OK?


  1. WOW Toni, how imaginative is that??? I haven't ever seen that movie, guess I will put that on my "To Rent" list. :)

  2. I loved your description... that movie has been on my "someday" list. It just moved up! I was doing some musing about movie inspirations myself, especially for color. When you take the time to focus on it, there is so much to dive into
    Best stuff,