Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Good Trade

I almost forgot to talk about my trade! A couple weeks ago when I posted my first batch of snow-dyed fabric, I mentioned that I did not care for one of the pieces:
I got a lot of nice comments about all my snow-dyed pieces, but a lot of people liked this one in particular.

One person, in particular, loved it: Diane from Texas, who had posted some snow dyeing of her own on her blog. And I loved them! I loved her oranges--she loved my fugly. So...we traded. I sent her the burgundy/yellow/blue piece, and she sent me...a gorgeous hand-dyed silk scarf!

Here it is hanging on my workroom door (right ext to my QA calendar...) Even though it would be excellent for a quilt, I can't bear to cut it . I'm gonna wear it!


  1. It will look much better around your neck than at the bottom of my stash! I haven't been an orange person since my first house had orange shag carpet throughout.

    Enjoy! All my weave-y friends are much impressed by your fugly...and amazed that you would "just" mail it to me because I asked. LOL.

  2. What a great way to get new fabric... I snow dyed yesterday and the pieces are in the dryer as we speak.. darker more earthy colors..

  3. I can see why you would both be happy!