Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More snow-dyes and other stuff

Right now its snowing like a summbi*ch, and it won't stop for another 6-8 hours. So I already have more fabric soaking in soda ash to do yet more snow-dyeing. Here are a couple pieces I did last weekend before the old snow melted away:

Looks like great sunset/sunrise fabric. Or something else!
I also got a "commission" this week--to make 12 pairs of black, white and pink earrings and three bracelet sets for my daughter, Julie, who is the manager of a White House Black Market store in Seattle, WA. She'd like to give them as gifts to her staff. So, I whipped 'em up and packed 'em up and they are on their way to Seattle right now. That is, if the Fed Ex plane can get out of town with all this snow flying...

Her store sells only black and white clothing, along with an accent color that changes with the seasons. Right now it's pink. Hence the pink beads.
I am very happy with the lot of them. I hadn't done any beading for a long while. A few summers ago, I made a load of jewelry and hit the art/craft fairs around southern Wisconsin. It was great fun. I had a canopy and tables and all. I sold a fair quantity and made a little money--enough to pay for all the fees and travel and even had some leftover to buy more beads.
Notices have been coming in about the art fairs scheduled for this summer. I have half a mind to do it again. We'll see...


  1. Beautiful beadwork, Toni! How nice that your daughter had someone talented and available to help her with the gifts.

  2. love the snow dyes... and the earrings... very nice..

  3. Lovely beadwork. The earrings look so elegant. I know they will be a big hit. Snow dyes worked out well too. I agree, could be used as sunrise/sunsets. Know you will find just the spot for them in a future project.

  4. Oh my gosh -- already? I love doing the snow dyeing, but not so sure I'd like THAT season to last for 6 months -- LOL!
    We usually try try and get in a fall bicycle trip 'up north' every year, but now I think I'm glad it didn't work out this year.
    Have fun!

  5. Okay, this must look a bit silly...
    I just clicked on a link in a QA digest and thought you were talking about snow right now, in September 2011, but I see that I commented on on a post from a year and a half ago.
    No idea what happened there!

    Never mind... :)