Thursday, December 29, 2011

My word for 2012

Two years ago, I joined the Quiltart mailing list, and there was a discussion about choosing a "word of the year." My first word was "Freedom." I was having a hard time dealing with a lot of things in my family life and I wanted freedom from my negativity about my situation. I even wrote out the word and stuck it on my wall.

Last year, I chose another word, but I never wrote it down, nor did I blog about it. So, days later, I completely forgot it, and have not been able to remember it since.

Well--the Christmas celebrations are over, and a new year is coming soon. I've been thinking about a new word for the coming year. I wrote about my search on the QA list, ending with the phrase "it'll be a brand new year with fresh hope", which paraphrases something that Mrs. Griswald said to Clark on their drive to California in the movie, "National Lampoon's Vacation."

One of my fellow artists pointed out that my new word sounds like..."hope!" So there it is, then. "HOPE" is my word for 2012. Thanks, Diane!

Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. It is an expectation and a longing; it is to look forward with confidence.

There is hope that I will complete a good number of old projects and UFOs this year.

There is hope that I will do at least half of the Fast Friday Fabric Challenges. There is one challenge each month--last year I didn't complete any of them! I'll shoot for six this coming year.

There is great hope, because I've made it a true goal, that my studio will finally be painted and organized by the end of January--a goal with which The Hubs will help.

There is also hope that I can concentrate on new work with limited distractions.

I'm looking forward to 2012; it'll be a much better year than 2011. I'll be sure to write my word down on a slip of paper so I don't forget it.

Addendum: I recently visited a blog by a fellow Quilt Art poster: Terry Grant in Portland, OR ( and she makes little banners for her yearly words. I decided to do the same thing. Stay tuned.


  1. Toivo, hope in finnish. I made those birds on the cover of qulting arts gifts...addicted to them made dozens but put words in finn and some in english...hope was my favorite, then joy, love, peace, wish, dream, names of nieces, nephew and a basket of birds in sewing room.

  2. i also want more snow...where is our snow i want to know. it snows drips and drabs but i want 6' drifts that will melt in the spring to fill the rivers and lakes. plus, i love the snow after spending 40 years on the westside of kauai.

  3. Susan--I have a friend named Toivo. In fact, I know a couple of them! Funny, though, as hope in Estonian is lootus. Not close to toivo! BTW--your birds are fabulous. Thanks for commetnting here and Happy New Year!