Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another attempt at organization...

Lately on the Quiltart email list (http://www.quiltart.com/) there has been a discussion about re-organizing sewing studios and spaces. Which made me think of my own studio space.
Since I haven't been doing too much in the studio lately--it's become as though a tornado has blown through. How does that work? I'm not in there, so it gets messy??
Well--I know that I'd run in there, quickly do a project and run out without cleaning or straightening up or putting things away. That's what happens when you're the Queen of Procrastination and you're always rushing to finish something. And now--in the throes of making Christmas gifts and decorations and such--this is not the time to clean either.

So I promised myself that, in January when all the holiday stuff is done and gifts are given and deadlines are met, I would reorganize the place. I need to empty out the studio, have the ceiling fixed, paint the whole room, clean out the closet and rearrange things so it's much more manageable and efficient.
(Ahahahahahaha.....sigh. I have said this to myself about a dozen times since we moved here--there are still boxes and totes waiting to be unpacked...But--it'll be a brand new year with fresh hope. )

Well, this is before:

My room is our spare bedroom with lot s of windows--one in a charming dormer--with a good sized closet. I can't get to the closet right now--too much stuff in front of the door. I have a sewing table and another desk at which I make my jewelry, a tall table that is my cutting table and my ironing board. Most of my fabric is kept in plastic bins in "kits", meaning they're projects for which I have fabric and an idea or pattern.
The biggest bugaboo is how to store batting and pillow forms. They take up a lot of room...

Anyway--that's my beginning. Tune in to see the end. (The end of clutter, that is....!)
Oh--I am sorry. I'm watching "The New Girl" with Zoey Deschanel while I write this, and I was compelled to say something kinda dorkey.

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