Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Monday

Well--nothing out of the ordinary happened today.
We had our weekly employee meeting today to talk about the week's projects, I balanced the company checkbook, then went home and enjoyed the warm weather with two of the dogs. Dory and I played fetch till she got tired (she's 14y/o...pretty old of a big choco lab) and Georgie went next door for a short playdate with Striker, the golden. They ran and ran.
It was a glorious March day. Too early for any crocuses or daffodils coming up, but warm nonetheless. No studio today, but I did make a great (kinda) lo-fat dinner for Tom , who had a very hard day. He liked it.
So--since I didn't work on anything today, I'll post a pic of Georgie--the cutest dog in the world.

I discovered I have no picture of Dory. I'll have to take one before she goes to that big fire hydrant in the sky.


  1. George looks SOOO Cute and innocent. :)

  2. Georgie looks like he just got caught doing something. And Beau is mad at you now because I told him what you said...