Friday, March 13, 2009

What's on my design wall?

One of the members of the Quiltart email list asked this question earlier today. Now that I've figured out how to post pics on my blog, here is what I've been working on.

First is a small quilt, Mushrooms, that's not quite finished yet. I want to add these Estonian words to it, so I wrote them out on a piece of muslin and was looking for a place to add them, but I don't like them. So I've just printed them from Publisher using a handwriting font, so we'll see how that looks.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, BTW.

Then I just finished a little pillow for a friend of mine. It features a transfered image on silk that I picked up at the last Original Sewing Expo in St. Charles, IL , last fall. I made a pillow using colors from the image, and added buttons and a beaded fringe on the ends.

Lastly, I whipped up two more blocks of ugly fabrics. At our Reedsburg quilt retreat last October, we all made blocks of the ugliest fabrics we could find. There was a drawing--and I won! There were seven or eight blocks, so I'm adding a bunch more to make a throw. The left block is from the drawing; the right block I made the other day. Who knew I had so many ugly fabrics in my stash!??


  1. Great job on the blog Toni! I love your mushroom piece but I would love to know what the words mean :). Keep going. Blogging is fun. Some weeks I post several times and some weeks only once but I find it is helpful to me to keep me working on something to post.

    Take care, Katy

  2. Hey Toni, nice to see you in Blogland. Love the stuff you are working on.