Friday, April 24, 2009

I goofed up...

I had a personal deadline to get some stuff done to be shown at the Art & Soul Gallery for the West Side Art Walk, which happens tonight and tomorrow.
I did not make it. In fact, because of family obligations, I haven't been in my workroom for over a week. It's very upsetting. I feel as though I let myself down, along with my friends at the gallery. I mean, they certainly have a huge array of beautiful art and jewelry and useful things there, so my contributions will likely not be missed, but it was a small goal that I did not reach.
I just need to shake it off and get back to work.
There are, however, two wee art quilts swirling in my head, and I've done some preliminary work. Bluebirds and sunrises. Stay tuned.
Also, I've signed up for a few challenges at various websites and forums, so I need to put on my thinking cap. Or just go for a walk. I get such great ideas....

1 comment:

  1. Toni - I know the feeling of missed deadlines and self disappointment, but as you say, "shake it off" and get back to work creating. There will be other art venues. Happy art making!