Sunday, April 19, 2009

Split Personality

I've decided to create another blog on which to post all my musings about life and love and family and all things personal. It's called It's me, Toni! , something that I usually say when I call someone on the phone. I'll record any significant (o insignificant) family events, thoughts, happenings, etc. Here is the link:
I will keep my Under The Dining Room Table blog for posting my art works, works in progress, events I attend, exhibits I see...that kind of thing. Artsy things.
So I invite everyone to read and follow both blogs. I'll try to make them both entertaining and interesting.
In my art world, I finally finished my small "Mushrooms" quilt. I added the words "ma istun seene otsas" (I'm sitting on a mushroom) with a stencil I made and some bronze paint. I like it.

I also recently made this tote bag using a pattern from a magazine, and some pre-cut strips of shabby chic fabrics. I was lucky to have just the right piece of ball fringe in my stash for a cute accent. I carried this all thru the IQF, and it served well.
Is it art? No, but it took a little creativity and some workmanship, so there you are.


  1. I really like your mushroom quilt...also the tote is nice.

  2. the mushroom quilt art is beautiful! Love it!