Sunday, April 26, 2009

No more rain! No more rain!

Remember those words from Woodstock? (oop I really dated myself right there...) We have had rain 5 out of the last seven days; a lot of it!! It's getting old. The backyard is a lake, and the dogs haven't been out for any length of time for days and days. But--I did get to the workroom for a while today.
I worked on the sunrise quilt for a short time, but I really felt the need for some good old fashioned piecing. I just wanted to get re-acquainted with my sewing machine.
So I worked on an old UFO--the Flower BOM from the Quilts Your Way Forum.
It was started in 2007 and was conceived by one of the members there, Lisa from Texas. She did a great job of finding blocks for us to make--all of them flower-themed. All my blocks were done, but I decided to do a different setting from the one she suggested. I found a nice sampler quilt setting in an old magazine, and worked out a similar one the blocks I had made. But, I needed more of them, so today I made two more, and started another one. That one is paper pieced, and I couldn't finish before it was time for The Amazing Race. I know, lame. But true.
So here they are. They look to be the same size, but the pinwheel is 6", and the other one is 14"!

I also took a pic of this interesting little pile of schnibbles left over from trimming units for another quilt I made last winter. I love the colors. I'm not sure what I will do with them, but I don't want to pitch them just yet.
Maybe I can make even more schnibbles and do an impressionistic quilt a la Noriko Endo.

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  1. these are exactly the little pieces and bits that come in useful for embellishment. I swave them and use them with my needle felting machine. Don't throw them away. Give them to someone with a needle felting machine. You can send them to me!