Thursday, April 9, 2009

Need to get my camera back!

Since my last post, I've seen the quilts at the Anderson Art Center in Kenosha, had a couple of doc appointments, gone on a quilt retreat and attended the fun wedding of a woman I've never met.

The quilt exhibit in Kenosha was beautiful. Kay Sorensen's "Colors of My Life" quilts look deceptively simple, yet are really very complex. The color and value placements of the fabrics is brilliant!
My doc appointments were very successful. I've had facet injections in my lumbar spine that have been helpful. It's been such a long time since I've had no pain--I'm not quite sure what to do!
The Reedsburg quilt retreat was great fun. I love getting together with all my quilty friends. Most of them do very traditional quilts, and, frankly, I am getting bored with that. But not with the fellowship we have. We talk and laugh and giggle and stay up late and just relax, all while sewing. What could be better!
I have a group of internet friends with whom I've corresponded for the last 7-8-9? years. One of them lost her husband to cancer a few years ago. However, she was able to get her own life back together, and found love once more. She was married last weekend up in Marinette, WI, and I had to go--even though I had not met her face-to-face. But--when we did meet--it was like we'd been friends forever. It was a fabulous wedding, and a fabulous weekend.
My other friend did take pictures, so she needs to send them to me so I can post them.
Oh--and I need to finish the couples' wedding gift. I just didn't get the chance to finish it before the wedding. I guess it'll be a surprize for them after their honeymoon!

With all of this--I haven't had a minute in my workroom. I worked on a couple of things while at the retreat, but they are traditional projects--a tote bag and a regulr pieced quilt top.
Pictures will be up the moment I get the camera back. I promise.
So--here's a pic of good old Beau--just so there's something to look at!


  1. Toni, you won Drawing #1 on my blog for the Tropical Waters art quilt! Send me your snail mail and I will get it to you!

    Jeanne McBrayer

  2. Wow that dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen! You quilted that??!!

    I see a tiny error, though. Your doggie quilt is missing an eye. Please rectify this. Or get him an eyepatch.